Saturday, May 23, 2009

Day 71 - May 18 - HH ShowRoom - Bikes in Nepal

Looking at the streets of Nepal and in Kathmandu, most of the vehicles are indian. No different at bikes as well.

There are showrooms and service centers. Honda and HeroHonda bikes are serviced in the same authorized service center.

HH Showroom

But whats shocking is the prices of the bikes...

1,35,000 Nepali rupees that is 84 thousand INR for a Passion...!!

You got to be kidding me. ZMA 2,25,000 NR that is 140000 INR!!

CBZ Extreme 165000 NR, you do the math!

The HH engine oil cost me 350 INR!!

The vehicles are heavily taxed as they are from foreign origin. Maruthi 800 Cars costs like 5 Lakhs INR On road here! In india its understandable about the duty on imported vehicles to protect local industry. But Nepal which does not have its indigenious production of vehicles, why all that Tax?

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