Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Stuff i took along

Eicher Road Map book
Lonely planet book
Tissue papers
Copies of permits.
Laptop along with Wireless modem In a cusion cover
The above rolled in thick track pant went in a thick plastic cover
Laptop charger
Camera charger
2 Phone chargers
2 phone data cables
2 Spare helmet visors
cotton pack
Insulation tape
Multiplug socket
3 pin to 2 pin converter socket
Nose plier
Wire cutter/Sleav'er
A length of electric wire
Bank account Cheque book
Small medicine kit
LED torch
spare torch batteries
nail cutter
2 pens
Liquid Mosquito Repellent.

Left Pannier:
Electric air pump
Spare tube
Duck tape
Puncture Kit:
Rod Livers to pull out the tire
Rubber patches
Gum to stick patches to the tube
Left Saddle bag:
Force tool kit
Puncture sealant
Maps and travel guide books
Spare Thicker gloves
One set thermals
Neck support
A set of casual dress
Rain suit

Right pannier:
Water heater rod
Camera tripod
Right Saddle bag:
Spanner set
Spare Motorcycle jacket
2 Family photo albums
Shoes gaiters
Bike Spares:
clutch and front break livers
Clutch and accelerator cables
Chain tensioner
Gear liver
Disk pads 2
Bulbs 2

Back pack on rear seat:
2 pants
3 shirts
3 sets of undies
3 pairs of sox
2 towels
1 t shirt
1 bermuda
1 pair of slippers
1 Pajama
Electric Heating pad
Another medicine kit
Zip tie strips
Spare bike keys

The back pack strapped by a bungee net
Same net holds two water bottles
Plastic cover over the above
Another bungee net to secure the plastic cover

Stuff in Medicine kit:
Band aids all sizes
Tabs for Cold, Antibiotics, Loose motion, Headache, fever, body pain, AMS, Acidity.
Antacid tabs and Lorenzes
Nasel drops
Iodex Balm
Moov Pain relief spray
Vicks vaporub
Pain relief gel
Glucose powder packet

Stuff in Toiletries:
Shampoo sachets
Small hair bottle
Talcum power
Moisturizing cream
SPF sun block

What i wore:
A set of undies!
Cargo pant
formal shirt
Thick ankle high woodland shoes n sox!
Camera in a waist pouch
Knee pads inside pants
Motorcycle jacket
Riding gloves
Goggles (in jacket pocket or on the face)
Cell Phone with headphones in shirt pocket along with spare cash
In the pants pockets:
Right pocket: Wallet
Left pocket: Hankey, Lip balm, pen drive, coins
Left knee pocket : Documents for easy access
Passport, Bike RC book, Insurance, Driving/Riding License,
Photographs, permits.
Right Knee pocket: miscellaneous.

Stuff about panniers-
Custom made from Galvanized sheets.
A half centimeter cushion stuck inside and a black rexine leather stuck outside to reduce vibrations and metal flapping noise.

The caps open to the outside on both sides so that Cramster saddle bag can go in both the panniers. The idea is the let the saddle bag take most of the weight and the pannier be a metal cover carrying its own weight.

There are slits to the inside of the panniers to accommodate resting flap of the saddle bag, once the panniers are closed.

First mount point for the Right Pannier

Second mount point for Right pannier, resting on the silencer...

Looking inside, the nut screws right into the silencer...

Third mount point of Right pannier. A custome made metal tube in the place of Indicator socket.

First mount point of the Left pannier, Resting on Saree guard...

Second mount point of Left pannier. Metal fabricated piece welded to Saree guard and screwed to pannier...

Third mount point of Left pannier...

Since the Indicator socket is used up by the metal tubes to support the panniers and occupying its space, the Indicators move back and are fixed on the Number Plate.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Trip Stats

No of KMs = 25508.
No of days = 175.
Avg KMs per day = 145 KMs.

No of Riding days = 110.
No of Non Riding days = 65.
Avg KMs per Riding day = 232 KMs

Max Kms traveled in a day = 672 kms Day 1, Bangalore to Vijaywada.
Min Kms traveled in a day = 50 kms Day 173, Trichy to Tanjavur.

Total pictures Clicked = 11248
Avg pix clicked per day = 64

Trip cost
Total cost of the trip including initial preparation = 2,50,000 + Rs

The Breakup:
Preparation cost before trip = 30000 Rs (Approx)
Phone chareges including Internet for laptop = 20000 Rs (Approx)
Major Incidental Expences = 12000 Rs (Approx)
Miscellaneous expances = 10000 Rs (Approx)
Fuel cost = 45000 Rs (Approx : See below)
Hotel Stay cost = 57210 Rs (See below)
Bike Maintenance cost = 19650 Rs (See below)
Food cost = 55000 Rs (Approx)

The Avgs:

Avg cost of the trip per day = 1428 Rs
Cost During the trip = 220000 Rs
Avg Cost During the trip per day = 1257 Rs.
Avg Phone cost per day = 114 Rs
Avg Miscellaneous expenses per day = 57 Rs.
Avg food cost per day = 314 Rs.

Major Incidental Expences = 12000 Rs (Approx)
(Flights between kathmandu & Lukla 5000 Rs, Hospital charges for the kid 7000 Rs)

Total Fuel = 1000 Ltrs Approx (Assuming 25 kmpl)
Avg fuel consumption per day = 5.7 Ltrs
Avg fuel consumption per riding day = 9 Ltrs

Total Fuel cost = 45000 Approx
Avg fuel cost per day = 257 Rs
Avg fuel cost per riding day = 409 Rs.

Bike Spares
Rear tire 2 changes = 5800 Rs
Front tire 2 changes = 2550 Rs

Chain Sprocket sets 3 changes = 2400 Rs
Front disk pads 4 changes = 900 Rs

Bike Maintenance
Engine oil changes, Service and Breakdown with spares = 8000 Approx

Bike Maintenance including the above bike spares = 19650 Rs

Avg cost of Bike Maintenance per day = 112 Rs
Avg cost of Bike Maintenance per riding day = 179 Rs

Most expensive meal = 625 Rs Kathmandu
Least expensive meal = 5 Rs Tripura

Hotel Stay
No of Places stayed = 90
No of Hotels stayed = 80
No of Days stayed in Hotel = 134
No of Days stayed with Friends and Relatives = 40

Total cost of hotel stay = 57210 Rs
Avg cost of hotel stay per day = 427 Rs
Avg cost of hotel stay for the whole trip = 327 Rs
Most expensive stay = 2200 Rs at Auli Clifftop Hotel
Least expensive stay = 50 Rs at Budha Lodge Gorekshep

Following is the list of Hotel Stays and the room Rent. Its Amazing how i can remember the rent paid and almost all the hotel names. Did lookup for the names and rent for very few of them from the logs. Did forget hotel names at places.

Place Hotel No Of Nights Room Rent Per Day
Total cost
2 600 1200
Aruku Rajadhani 1 400 400
Bhuvaneshwar Bhuvaneshwar 1 400 400
Puri Samudra 2 700 1400
Digha SeaHawk 1 700 700
Dimond Harbour Sagarika 1 300 300
Sajnekhali Sajnakhali T L 2 700 1400
Siliguri Hill View 1 350 350
PheuntSholing Paradise 2 450 900
2 300 600
Thimpu Tandin 3 450 1350
Jakar River Lodge 1 500 500
1 200 200
Tashigang Druk 1 350 350
Cherrapunjee Cherrapunjee holiday resort 1 500 500
Shillong Prakash 4 450 1800
Kailasher Kailasher Tourist Lodge 1 300 300
Melaghar Sagarmahal 1 180 180
Khanmun Tourist Lodge 1 200 200
Aizwal Millennium 3 300 900
Jiribam Dream Land 1 100 100
Imphal Nirmala 1 550 550
Kohima Fira 1 350 350
Kaziranga Chikuni Guest house 2 650 1300
Bomdila Tourist Lodge 1 150 150
Tavang Dongphoo 3 500 1500
Tezpur Parijatha 1 300 300
Gangtok Kachan Residency 3 450 1350
Lachung Karzang 1 250 250
Lachen Lutong 1 350 350
Pelling Garuda 1 350 350
Darjeeling Grace Inn 2 300 600
Lahan Godhuli 1 405 405
Kathmandu Yanki 10 310 3100
1 100 100
Namche Bazar Yak 4 200 800
Tengboche Himalayan view 1 200 200
1 200 200
Dingboche Peace & Happiness 2 200 400
1 200 200
Gorakshep Buddha Lodge 1 50 50
Lukla Namaste 1 200 200
Pokhara Barahi 6 550 3300
Jomsom Xanadu 1 470 470
Gorakpur Prasident 1 450 450
Varanasi Temple on Ganges 2 625 1250
Luknow Inder Residency 2 500 1000
1 1000 1000
Almora Deodar 2 500 1000
Nandprayag Himalayan 1 300 300
Auli Cliff Top 1 2200 2200
Srikot Ram 1 350 350
1 550 550
Pathankot Vishal 1 500 500
Srinagar Aziz 3 550 1650
Sonamarg Tent 1 500 500
Kargil D'Zijila 2 650 1300
Rangdum HomeStay 2 400 800
Padam Tourist Lodge 1 200 200
Leh Mehak 7 440 3080
Diskit Sand dune Guest house 1 300 300
Surmur A.O. Guest house 1 250 250
Lukung Eco Huts 2 300 600
Chushul PWD Guest house 1 200 200
Hanle HomeStay 1 300 300
Karzok Nomadic Life 1 300 300
Pang Tent Dorm 1 200 200
Keylong TashiDeleg 1 600 600
Manali Devlok 1 400 400
Ajmer Haveli Heritage Inn 1 550 550
Mount Abu Ganesh 2 600 1200
Mahabaleshwar Prince Palace 1 500 500
Palolem Palolem Beach Resort 2 200 400
1 450 450
1 350 350
1 400 400
Kanyakumari TriSea 2 650 1300
Trichy SKV 2 250 500
Tanjavur Tamilnadu 1 650 650
Chennai Aspai 1 1125 1125

Other Numbers:
No of Sims used = 9
No of Sims lost = 7 :(

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Day 175 - Aug 30 - Chennai to Home (Bangalore)

Aug30 at EveryTrail

Map created by EveryTrail: GPS Community

333 KMs Tripmeter 25508 KMs

Its the home run today. Keeping fingers crossed. The final few steps is what can be tough and anxious. Feel bettor than yesterday morning. But the cold in me and the heat outside still interfearing with my thinking about the moment. The ride back home. with good road all the way would take like 5-6 hours to get to Bangalore. So i start a bit late. Kiran was kind enough to come to the hotel and guide me out till the highway. Bid byes and time to get moving.

Was a typical hot day and its just a leisure ride on the wide and great NH46. Its just 4 or 6 six lane all they with noting much to differentiate between a km and other. Stop for a food at a highway hotel. Having cold on a hot summers day is frustrating. Cant have cooldrinks, cant sit outside and have to sit in the AC section so that its cool and then sit away from the AC so it wont be too cold. And have coffee too.

Get to Krishnagiri in good time and take a right at NH7 and this very familiar road. The landscape or i say roadscape is actually pretty around here. So stop a few times to click the roadscapes. Reach Hosur and call up dad saying i am near and have to deal with some traffic now. The traffic after Electronics city had eased up due to roads done pretty done and saved me some slow go.

Reach home in no time and glad to see my relieved Dad waiting for me. We hug and catchup after a long time. He congradulated me on the achievement which need not have been achieved he says :) Dunno what to write ahead but that i am Home.

The trips come to an end. Though kinda miss the talking with wind the days to come. I must say that i was tired and guess made it back just before my back took a real bad beating. Back in the comforts of home and the trip is yet to hit me i guess.

My partner the Karizma went places with out a hitch till it broke down in Veralimalai. Thanks to friends all over the country, got the help and information needed and helped me complete the trip.

Kiran seeing me off at chennai...

The gates to home...

Getting nearer...

Just clicking away the roadscapes today...

A full meals for lunch...

At this nice highway hotel...

Never seen such green 4lane road!

Trying out Bokeh...

Some shallow mountains to cross. Then things will get cooler...

Thats quite a topple over...

Missed my train...

Food for thought...

Hit the NH 7 and take a right to Bangalore...

Almost there....

Would have been riding up on the 15 km long flyover if that machine had worked any faster...

Traffic has eased out here thanks to the done up road in these months. Else it would be painfully slow here.

Last hurdle before home...

Father and son united :)

Goes into the parking for some time i guess...

Thats the Odoreading at the end of the trip. Reduse 10034 and get the Tripmeter of 25508 KMs

Day 174 - Aug 29 - Tanjavur to Chennai

Aug29 at EveryTrail

Map created by EveryTrail: GPS Trail Maps

345 KMs Trip Meter 25175 KMs.

Having trouble sleeping at night. As expected i was sick with fever by morning with weakness and all. Well i cant be smooth after all at the end of it i guess. Rest a day? well this was nothing like it was in Nepal. So went on with the plan for the day. Got up early and left room by 6am to check out the famous Tanjavur Big temple. This was a bit smaller compared to srirangam temple but the entire premises is free of regular life. The huge court yard in side couple of gates. It was awesome in the early morning coolness. But was hard work for me with fever. Looking at the top portion of the main tower, recollected a program about it in discovery channel few years back. Like the huge single piece of stone at the top was moved up by a 6 KM ramp. Cos not cranes in those times. But latest discovery says something else i heard. Even the center main temple was huge with a huge Shivlinga inside. Walk around the complex and it was time to ride on.

Had a long way to chennai and its going to get hot. Once again relied on riding to cure my illness ;) Got out of the hotel packing in slowmotion. Instead of going via Nagapatnam, thought of going via kumbakonam riding along the river Kaveri. Was suggested by arun which i took but not in the exact way. Stuck to the main roads and boy was it crowded over there. And i thought i would be riding in peaceful country side. Now with not so good sleep. I felt sleepy, real sleepy. Got pretty hard to control and had to stop for a tea. Things were bettor after that. Saw another huge colorful temple in Kumbakonam. Even in the next town as well. Later Arun tells me that there are around 17 huge temples in the area. With not so pleasurable ride i hit the coastal road to pondicherry. Traffic eased out here and can now ride peacefully.

Heard of people visiting Koodalur. Thought would check it out, then visit Mahabalipuram and then head to Chennai. Kiran was kinda enough come and wait for me ont he outskirts of chennai. Made it to pondicherry by 3 pm. Now i had to stop for the click at the meter. Yes i had made it to 25k Mark. Though not the target but was nice to see the number. It was getting late and heading directly to the ECR to make a run to chennai. Been to pondicherry before so can as well move on. Now i ride the famous East coast road. Keep seeing the sea to my right. Tempted to spend some time there but its getting late to chennai so i move on. Make it good pace to Mahabalipuram by 5.15pm. Vaugely remember going there in my child hood, where we had gone almost near to the beach in the car. But once there it was all crowded and vehicles were supposed to be parked quiet far from the beach or the shore temple. Well have to turn back then. Have a quick bite and communicated with Kiran who was on his way to meet me at Muttakodu.

Get there by 6.30 pm and meet up. Then follow him into Chennai. But boy was there traffic! and it was hot. Caught up in the peak evening traffic and its not even a weekday! Was an agonizing hour of riding in touch and go traffic, i was sick, tired, bike was heavy. It was tough time. Kiran patiently waited was my extra wide bike to get around the traffic. Plan was to stay in Vadapalli so that i would be easy to ride out tomm to Bangalore. Guess its better to deal with most of the traffic in the evening then the next day in the heat of the day. After no room at a hotel and another 20 mins to get to another one couple of kms ahead, took the expensive room as i was done riding for they day.

Phew things looked settled now. Freshen up in the room and ride out with Kiran to meet the Chennai guys for the dinner. It was a nice evening over bike talk with Kiran, Kishor, Steve, Vicky, Madhu and Ananth. I was surprised to see a cake with Destination unknown written on it along with 25! Looks like 25 is my number and what a coincedence tripped 25k kms today. Bid byes to the guys and back to the room. Well this is my last night out and hope to catch some good sleep before the home run tomm.

The Tanjavur Big temple...

From right below the gate...

One gate inside...

The huge top to the main temple tower....

Me in the main temple yard...

The main tower...

Lot of ancient script on the walls...

Entering the main temple...

Its huge inside...

Huge ShivLing in the sanctum sanctuary...

Looking out...

Huge Nandi facing the temple...

My bike's now the poser...

Looking around for the palace...

Can actually ride in some palace premises...

Cant go no fruther...

wall around the palace... where can i get it???

A huge tower by the palace...

It does not open till 9am. Guess i am not going to stick around...

I ride out...

Tanjavur's clock tower...

The streets...

Ready to leave Hotel Tamil Nadu...

Pretty classic appearance at the lobby...

Ride on the country side...

Lush crops for the season...

Some village houses...

Temple at Kumbakonam...

Bridge across the river Dry...

Nice coastal roads...

A tad too late to catch 35k on the odo...

Where i am heading today....

There it is! 25k on the TripMeter!

Entering Pondicherry...

Some french looking building?

Entering ECR...

Looks nice to ride...

Some salt farms around...

Now this is a 10x zoom and he was that far. But he was sharp enough to figure out that i had stopped for a pic. Awesome. Waved back :)

Some back waters...

Caught him unawares this time...

Backwater beach...

A back water canal...

Just a zoom click of the Mahabalipuram shore temple...

Sun going down...

The last time i would look at a sea for some time :)

The wonderful cake by Chennai guys...

No flash, so the guys are a blurr...