Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Stuff i took along

Eicher Road Map book
Lonely planet book
Tissue papers
Copies of permits.
Laptop along with Wireless modem In a cusion cover
The above rolled in thick track pant went in a thick plastic cover
Laptop charger
Camera charger
2 Phone chargers
2 phone data cables
2 Spare helmet visors
cotton pack
Insulation tape
Multiplug socket
3 pin to 2 pin converter socket
Nose plier
Wire cutter/Sleav'er
A length of electric wire
Bank account Cheque book
Small medicine kit
LED torch
spare torch batteries
nail cutter
2 pens
Liquid Mosquito Repellent.

Left Pannier:
Electric air pump
Spare tube
Duck tape
Puncture Kit:
Rod Livers to pull out the tire
Rubber patches
Gum to stick patches to the tube
Left Saddle bag:
Force tool kit
Puncture sealant
Maps and travel guide books
Spare Thicker gloves
One set thermals
Neck support
A set of casual dress
Rain suit

Right pannier:
Water heater rod
Camera tripod
Right Saddle bag:
Spanner set
Spare Motorcycle jacket
2 Family photo albums
Shoes gaiters
Bike Spares:
clutch and front break livers
Clutch and accelerator cables
Chain tensioner
Gear liver
Disk pads 2
Bulbs 2

Back pack on rear seat:
2 pants
3 shirts
3 sets of undies
3 pairs of sox
2 towels
1 t shirt
1 bermuda
1 pair of slippers
1 Pajama
Electric Heating pad
Another medicine kit
Zip tie strips
Spare bike keys

The back pack strapped by a bungee net
Same net holds two water bottles
Plastic cover over the above
Another bungee net to secure the plastic cover

Stuff in Medicine kit:
Band aids all sizes
Tabs for Cold, Antibiotics, Loose motion, Headache, fever, body pain, AMS, Acidity.
Antacid tabs and Lorenzes
Nasel drops
Iodex Balm
Moov Pain relief spray
Vicks vaporub
Pain relief gel
Glucose powder packet

Stuff in Toiletries:
Shampoo sachets
Small hair bottle
Talcum power
Moisturizing cream
SPF sun block

What i wore:
A set of undies!
Cargo pant
formal shirt
Thick ankle high woodland shoes n sox!
Camera in a waist pouch
Knee pads inside pants
Motorcycle jacket
Riding gloves
Goggles (in jacket pocket or on the face)
Cell Phone with headphones in shirt pocket along with spare cash
In the pants pockets:
Right pocket: Wallet
Left pocket: Hankey, Lip balm, pen drive, coins
Left knee pocket : Documents for easy access
Passport, Bike RC book, Insurance, Driving/Riding License,
Photographs, permits.
Right Knee pocket: miscellaneous.

Stuff about panniers-
Custom made from Galvanized sheets.
A half centimeter cushion stuck inside and a black rexine leather stuck outside to reduce vibrations and metal flapping noise.

The caps open to the outside on both sides so that Cramster saddle bag can go in both the panniers. The idea is the let the saddle bag take most of the weight and the pannier be a metal cover carrying its own weight.

There are slits to the inside of the panniers to accommodate resting flap of the saddle bag, once the panniers are closed.

First mount point for the Right Pannier

Second mount point for Right pannier, resting on the silencer...

Looking inside, the nut screws right into the silencer...

Third mount point of Right pannier. A custome made metal tube in the place of Indicator socket.

First mount point of the Left pannier, Resting on Saree guard...

Second mount point of Left pannier. Metal fabricated piece welded to Saree guard and screwed to pannier...

Third mount point of Left pannier...

Since the Indicator socket is used up by the metal tubes to support the panniers and occupying its space, the Indicators move back and are fixed on the Number Plate.


rahul said...

hey did you go to goa on the 28th of september on any bullet carrying ka 51 number recently

EvolutioN said...

Excellent ride Pravin. Congratulations! Have been following the ride on and off.

Looks like a good kit Pravin. Excellent improvisations, I may add. However, am curious about the tyres that you used. The puncture repair kit indicates that you used tubed tyres. Did you not use Tubeless ones? Arent they less hassle on a long ride such as this? If indeed you used tubed ones, what prompted you?

Also, what was the texture? Soft compound for grip or harder centres with soft edges for durability? Shed some light on this please. :)



Praveen said...

Thanks Evo. Glad you liked the logs. You are right that tube less tires would have been bettor and less chances of punctures. But with bad luck if that happens, you have to repair the punctures youself. And if its not done properly then its big problem.

The tires i am running on were Michelin M45. Multipurpose soft compound tires.

EvolutioN said...

Thanks for the insight Pravin. :)

Was wondering whether we could meet up someday. Am a passionate tourer myself, though havent taken up anything in your league as yet. :D



Praveen said...

Sure Evo, Lets meet up some time. We are all travelers. Just that some times one gets to break out.

Roopesh said...

Excellent customisation.
How much of hard work & patience put into this! wow!!!
Again a Great one buddy.
keep it up!


Praveen said...

Thanks Roopesh. It sure was a hardwork getting it built.

rahulthakur said...

i salute you...

You have done what most of the people
just plan to.. n not do it.. eventually... ;-P

would like to join you in your journey.. havent done much myself but
surely want to...

so when you plan for your next trip... count me in.. for sure...

Syam said...

Ur trip is very inspiring..

Salute you. The blog is a fantastic guide. I will use it for my future trips.. Got on to ur blog while looking for info to go to sunderbans...

You lived my dream..!

vamshi said...

Hi Praveen,

I am also planning similar kind of trip. And I too stay in Bangalore. Just wanted to know how did you manage to get the reservations for hotels at all the places and what all stuff you had to do for the prep.

Praveen said...

Hi Vamshi,

I was gate crashing every where. Did have to run around sometimes to find place to stay. For preps, mainly had to work on the panniers, rest were of the shelf.

Wish you all the best for your trip.

Anonymous said...

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