Thursday, April 2, 2009

Day 22 - Process at PheuntSholing

Hope full of getting both the permits, for me and my bike the same day. Show myself at the immigration office at 10.15 fill up the form and when it give it to the traditionally attired clerk, he gave it back saying single tourist not allowed! What crap din know about that. But y? what do i do now? An Indian lad who was watching suggested me to go to the Indian embassy and get the for attested then it will work. But what if it doesn't work, would be just rubbing with the immigration and may not be allowed. The receptionist suggests may be i could team up with other India tourists. But that is a loophole and din want to get into that. Reluctantly tried a couple of people to group in but none were tourists and it was a waste of time.

Thought what ever happens would try from the Indian embassy. Told them about the situation. They said should not be a problem as i have passport. The Counselor tried to call immigration officer but he was not available. I was told to wait at immigration office and call up once the officer comes. When i went there, the office was present and went to meet him and requested him to call Indian embassy and it worked. I was sent with a instruction on my application form and now the clerk took it and then my picture! Was told to collect the permit by 2 PM. Gosh its getting tight as the RSTA would close by 4 pm.

When i am there at 2 PM my permit is not ready. The link to Thimphu is down it seems! now there is indefinite delay. i have to wait and wait and get the permit by 4PM! Man bureaucracy is same every where. With no hopes i went to RSTA with the papers and find it closed and all i could do was admire the beauty of the building. Bhutan building are beautiful with tradition embedded. So a whole day is not enough to get the permits for myself and the bike. Gosh i am coming here to spend money and still get treated like this! Definitely not a very tourism friendly attitude over here.

Well i can relax at the town would guilt feeling cos its not me wasting my time :d. Hope to get the permit the next day early and reach Thimphu for permit extension. Else i could have started early in the morning. Now will have to leave late :(

Main Streen at PheuntSholing...

Wonder how long will it take to get there...

Vehicles are made to roll over some disinfectant...

The beautiful RSTA building..

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