Friday, April 24, 2009

Day 44 - April 21 - Aizawl to Jiribam

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Wake up and 5 am and lot of brain storming as to what to do. Should i skip Manipur/Nagaland and head to arunachal, If manipur should i go back the same way and hope the bridge crossing is possible and brave the slush ride or go to silchar and get to Imphal via Jiribam.

Finally decided to stay at Jiribam, the border town in manipur for the day. Get my tooth fixed and this takes time and i start by 11.15 am. It takes 5 hours to silchar and prolly a couple to Jiribam. Man again i am cutting it tight. Gotta push today. In the Aizawl streets Neola calls on to me. He canceled his ride to Guwahati as there is election in Assam, re-enforcing my decision to head to Manipur. Now i am gifted with rain and i ride continuously towards. Just one picture till silchar no breaks or stops. Its raining in Assam as well. It so happens it raining only today and dry previous days! This road under construction offers me lot of slippery slush crossings. Take all without complaining, Pathetic taking the shilchar road again. Crossing the roads and the slushy towns was quite a night mare. Not a very pleasurable days ride. All this missing out the interior NH150. Rains getting ahead of me all places just by a couple of days!!

Get into Silchar and pic the road towards Jiribam. A traffic cop says, roads are awesome and in bike may not take even 1 hour and its 4.45 pm. Encouraging but disappointing later. The road is under construction for most of the 40 kms to Jiribam and more then 10 kms of slow slush riding. Man o Man never ending slush. The roads is proper black top just 10-20 kms from the border. There is an armed escort to the border by 6.30 but bikes can go in daylight it seems. I waste no time and as soon as it get out of town, though the road is wide and smooth, the growth of plants and trees and the mountains around gives the same fear'y feeling like experienced yesterday. The flora growth in manipur is quite thick on either side. The narrower the road the more you feel claustrophobic.

Finally get into the Manipur border town Jiribam. Now i am in manipur. cant believe it. Go straight to the Hotel Dreamland suggested by Shreekumar. I get into my smallest room so far which is just about bigger than the bed itself. will take it not much choice either. Go to the police station to inquire about the road condition regarding possible hurt by UGs. For which i was assured nothing would happen. Have crappy dinner in the near by hotel slept pretty early for the day at 8.45 pm! My bike was put inside the hotel owner's provision store. Saying that people can lift the whole bike itself in night.

Not many pix as there was nothing but slush roads to click!

Kinda thought this was the bridge between Assam and Manipur. But the actual bridge was pretty crowded and did feel like taking out the cam...

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