Saturday, April 11, 2009

Day 32 - April 9 - In Guwahati

The plan was to get the permits and get the bike serviced. But before that get the fone's network going. On visiting Airtell showroom came to know that Prepaid sims of other states does not work in NE!! Both my sims were prepaid. WT^$&*#&^$ Now to get a post paid sim in my name was a big hassle and my friend's parents obliged to get me one in their name. This process took the entire morning session.

Reached ArunachalBhavan by 2.30 pm thinking have time for getting the permit. But not so soon. The permit office hourse close by 2PM and the clerk cooly says come on monday. The next three days are holidays due to GoodFriday, Saturday and Sunday. The permit process it self will take 2 days. Man this is sick waste of time. Immediatly change plan. Instead of Arunachal first, thought of heading to Meghalaya first where permit is not required. Then think of getting permit at Shillong for south states or what? Ride out Tripura and come back to Guwahati? still not sure. But Shillong-Cherrapunji it is.

Was too late to get the bike serviced. Got oil changed and chain lubed. Hope that should. Found out that i was running with less air pressure and that explains how rear tire is getting eatan up so soon. Thats a very naive oversight. The cone set problem still persists. Just not time to get it fixed, the HH mech not too in enthu to open the cone and fix it. If only the Calcutta HHSC guys did not try to fix someting that was fine! Have to live with bike handling screwed for some more time.

My sim got activated by evening and i am in network again. But cant make any calls or plans as i got busy clearing the back log of log updates.

Guwahati... just like any other big city... Some how not comfortable taking out the cam on the streets...

BTW these are the Vertical travels of Bhutan leg..

Thimpu - paro - Takshakt - Thimpu

Thimpu to Bumtang-Jakar, The peaks are the DachuLa and PeleLa

And The peak here is the UktonLa

Jakar to Mangor, the peaks are the passes.

By mistake stopped the gps track instead of another button. Difficult to handle the fone with the gloves on. So the next track had to start from the top of TrumshamLa.

Mangore to Luhentse and half way back when the app crashed..

Mangor to Tashigang, with the peak showing KoriLa

Tashigang to Samdrup Jongkhar passing a few minor passes...

Samdrup Jongkhar to Guwahati...

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