Saturday, August 8, 2009

Day 148 - Aug 3 - Bike work in Delhi

Had to brave out the Delhi Humidity today. First up was the service as the bike had not seen one for some time now. Had to get a fork changed as it had got scratched just in Pangong and of course the front fender. The customer lounge not really friendly and the heat and humidity was getting to me. Just worked on my logs while i waited for the bike to get attended! Which happened after quite some time. Things were left to uncertainty about the activities for the rest of the day. Had to make Prem, Salil and Bankim to wait indefinitely as the service was taking much more time than expected. Prem whisked me away for lunch and were joined by Salil. Some reprieve from the heat.

By the time we got back to the service center the bike was ready, but getting it out was a pain as it took us like 45 mins to just get the bill and pay. Boy did they make us run around in that late noon heat to get the bill done. On top of that, they had polished the bike with some cheap wax polish tough i had instructed no polish. Now will have tough time with the tank bag slipping for some days! Left pretty disgusted, after this they employees got interested in the trip and etc which i was in no mood to share with them! Salil got me the after market diskpads from his mech, which works pretty well. Went to Salil's house before we could move out for getting the tires changed at KRP. Yogesh joined us on the way leading us to KRP. Bankim who had patiently keeping track of the progress the whole day joined us at KRP and always nice to meet fellow travellers. But i dont get my front tire. Getting the rear tire fixed, took the wind out of us! Had to scout around to find one that could fix the new tire and it was super pain to negotiate my bike through the impatient peak evening traffic.

We pretty tired with the exercise and could think of only getting back to the places. Bid byes and rode back with Salil. It was agonizing ride in the heat all 1.5 hours of it. The working day is tough here, even with all those beautiful wide and organized roads here. Thought of staying one more day with the hope of getting front tire, but by now i could as well just ride away with the one i have :D fearing the Delhi heat.

At DND Flyway.. Two wheelers also have to pay the toll!

The Toll plaza..

Super wide roads...

Salil's new car ;)

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