Saturday, August 8, 2009

Day 149 - Aug 4 - One more day at Delhi

Thought if no front tire today would ride out and try else where. Was kinda getting afraid of Delhi heat :D Spent the first half of the trying to catch up with the logs. As the last few days either i was lazy or the day was tiring. Since i was planing to leave the next day it was to be easy to get out of Delhi from Gudgoan side and would save me couple of hours of traffic. Thus Hitanshu invited me to stay over for the night before heading south. Yogesh had put some effort and made sure that i would not leave Delhi without getting the bike fully done, that is he had sourced out even the front tire i wanted.

I move out of Prem's house. It was a great stay at his place and got spoilt with the great home cooked food. Thanks prem for the affectionate hosting. Ride out to Salil's place to see a few photographs while we wait for confirmation of the tire. Manik joined us and looked like its going to be another meet today evening. Again Prem and Hitanshu had to bare uncertainty till we rode to the Lajpat nagar and got the front tire changed. Then a meet was decided and We were at Subway for the wait. I particularly fancied the blower at the entrance of the Subway shop ;) Prem joined us with his family and then by Sunil. Last but not the least Hitanshu made it to the party as well. Great food, fun and chat. It was time for farewell again and this time followed Hitanshu to his place. The new tires chicken strips giving me trouble and chasing spirited Hitanshu's driving was a challenge. Rode it out as i was wondering whats wrong with the handling. Any way the chicken strips had to be dealt with hardly.

Was pretty late at his home and still managed to host me with dinner and crashed for the day. Not only i need to be getting to Ajmer of some place tomm, i had to even visit India Gate in the morning. Its a must u see. Prem would join me for that the next day.

Its me near Prem's office, cam flash works no more :(

Salil, Manik and me diving into the Salad at Subway's

Hitanshu, Salil, Prem and his family, Sunil at the dinner for the evening...

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