Saturday, August 29, 2009

Day 172 - Aug 27 - In Trichy

Heard the bang on the door in the middle of the night. What? where am i? whose it at this time? Well its Mani. Salem is just 5 hours away. It was great meeting him after years. We chat back to sleep. Its reality check in the morning. In a way i am kinda happy with the forced rest. Take our time and get to the Service center by 9.30 am. The people at the service center were impressed and and happy to work on my bike. They were waiting for us as they could not remove the seat. It was stuck under the saddle bag which was again the panniers. Any way got that out. And they assigned two mechs Shivakumaran and Ganesh dedicated to work on my bike on priority. In no time the engine was out and it was going to be disassembled. In a few mins the engine was all over the table and the damage checked out.

The broken bearing has taken 3 gear cogs along with it. The balls were all over the gear box. Since not much Karizma's around here the spares have to be shipped in from else where. The KRT service center had the required bearings but the gear cogs had to be sourced. Mr Arun the manager contacted his network of HeroHonda service centers in Chennai, Salem and Nagarcoil and the spares from different places will arrive the next day by 11 am. And i was promised to give me the bike up and running the next day. Were the spares available the bike would be ready the same day. Any way i am not hard pressed for time. Mani was also free for couple of days and he would stay with me in Trichy till bike was ready. So there is nothing that can be done till the next day. So can as well relax and catch up with old time.

Thought of hitting the room, freshening up and check out a movie for which we had a couple of hours. But whats stopping us from getting high at noon? ;) Settled at 12.30 boozing and chatting and living up our child hood. Went on and on and soon we were late for movie. Who wants movie :D continued. And was only 6.30 we got out and had not realized how the time went! Went to the service center and the parts would most definitely arrive the next day. Albert and his from the service center join us for early evening dinner and you know what :) It was great catchup up with their enthusiasm.

And what do you know had a hang over by late evening. And were even out of it before we crashed for the day!!

The the prettiest drain i have ever seen!


A cycle with a big bell!

The engine's out!

Its opened!! Not clear in the picture, but could actually see a couple of bearing balls at the bottom.

The culprit....

Engine all over the table... Ouch that hurts!!

The broken fifth gear cog!!

Crank and the pistons doing fine...

Ring sealing was kinda ok i guess...

Thats all the riding i could do for the day...

Thats Supervisor Albert, Mechs Ganesh & Shivakumar and Mr Arun the Manager, from left to right. All very enthusiastic on getting my bike fixed.


Arun said...

that cycle with huge bell is dedicated for selling milk for subscribers at door step!:)

Praveen said...

the milk cans were missing so i was wondering :)