Saturday, July 4, 2009

Day 117 - July 3 - Dehradun to Panchkula

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Trip 172 KMs Trip Meter 15197 KMs

After some unwinding it was time to move on. Had a wonderful break at Dr Raman's place. He had invited me for the same reason. Even got my bikes insurance renewed. Thanks you very much for the hospitality Dr Raman. Start pretty late after lunch by 3 Pm. Plan is to make it to Chandighar today. Pretty uneventful day and there were a mix of good roads and small bad patches. The turns were confusing in towns. Cross Ponta sabib and some rough and smooth twisties section to cross a small hill range before hitting the planes. On the last town of Himachal Pradesh, Saw a bilboard with chandighar pointed to right and i took it. After about 5 kms i seem to be going no where and the road was pretty bad. On enquiry, i was on the wrong road. Had to go back 5 kms and ride under the bilboard and then take a right!!

Made it to Panchkula by 7 pm. Had bypassed chandighar/panchkula on previous occasions and entered only this time. For the first time got the feel of a planned city. Everything is spacious. The place is organized in blocks sectors and a grid of wide wide roads and big circles. Everything looks the same and have to navigate only by the sector numbers. Kinda felt uncomfortable like i would in a foriegn country and kinda lost. Call Akshay from the welcome to Chandighar board. As expected it seems its very expensive to stay at chandighar. Thankfully Akshay's friend Shrest finds me a room in Panchkula at a reasonable price. Else i was kinda thinking of heading to Ropar if its too expensive here. With room secured it was time for dinner outing. Unfortunately shrest had to be home. Shabaaz joined Akshay and me for a nice dinner. Decided to start late the next hoping i would get the front tire m45.

Great roads...

Painted storks??

some road pix, got nothing else to shoot for the day...

Just stopped at the neat parkin restaurant thinking about the days where i needed such a break!

More good roads...

Entered Panchkula/Chandighar and was quite impressed at the developed place....

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