Friday, July 17, 2009

Day 131 - July 17 - Permits in Leh

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Ride to ITPB did not help as there were busy with a higher official visiting and would be for next couple of days. CO told me they dont issue permits at all. Well he cant really give em speaking near the gate. Guess they were really tied up. BTW, got my permits for 15 days from the DC office. They now have two forms one of 7 days, which they give to almost every one covering nubra, pangong, daa hanu and tso moriri. If u insist on saying its not sufficient, they pull out another form with unspecified number of days and places. You fill in the places and dates, which is left to the discretion of the officers there. Initially asked for 24 days just in case, but its not a rule but they said like they dont give that long to any one and if they give they will be in trouble so i was given for 15 days. So its 300 bux at 20 rs per day. Its legal fee, got the recite!
Riding towards ITPB...

Could not get this picture entering Leh as it was dark. So here it is, Leh gate...

My bike with the Leh palace in the back ground... Near DC office....

When i parked at the hotel... It was exactly 17000 on the Trip meter! Started out on 10084 and lost 50 on the odo dude to speedo cable doing dude. So Meter reading - 10034 is my Trip meter.

Evening was well spent in the company of Malai and Manav, who came to visit me. They are on their leasure trip.

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Lothar Seifert said...


wonderful report. I like Leh, too.

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