Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Day 10 - Puri to Digha

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365 KMs Trip Meter: 2688 Kms

Got up by 6 am and though wanted to leave pretty early left only by 8 am. I was feeling a bit tired as well right in the beginning! Still unsure of whether it was Calcutta via highway or via Digha. It was real irritating getting to Bhuvaneshwar with all the traffic and crossing the city was quite a task. And the road later was continuously occupied by commuter traffic. I wondered when will the human habitats end. Before that happened the incomplete section of GQ was in offering. The planis got more dry dusty and arrid. Was really feeling lost. Lucky to find a decent hotel. Called up vicky about the route and Digha was decided as i wanted to get off the highway and go from interiors of West bengal.

Got off the highway just when the Highway got bettor and tough Digha was just 45 kms away felt like eternity thanks to the road under construction and to my horror thick layers of sand. Had to ride real slow carrying all that bulk. Reached Digha by 4pm and Got into the SeaHawk hotel. Well that was after getting interview about my credentials! It seems they dont give rooms to single male guests as they had bad experience. How ever hearing about my travel and inquiry gave me a room. Took a huge spacious room facing the sea.

Took a small nap and went to check out the last beach on the east sea cast in the trip. Quite a different beach which is cemented to prevent erosion. Thought to checking out the sandy beach tomm morning. The stroll along the break water kinda beach cement platform was very relaxing. The whole town and all the guests share this space for the evenings. Have a stroll and spend the evening there till the light fades away :)

The Samudra hotel which i stayed in Puri.

Back on GQ. The Last GQ session for quite some time now!

It sure was dry all around.

Concrete GQ!

Took a right to Digha after Jaleshwar. Green fields on either sides...

My room in SeaHawk Hotel facing the sea...

Geese in Hotel's garden.

Digha beach...

Concrete beach!!

Haniman, the Jhaalmuri maker.

Waves pounding the break water.

Evenings at Digha beach..


Sunil Singh said...

Lovely pics Praveen...wish I could have joined you till Sikkim:(...Finally re-activated my Blogsopt account and am able to post now:D...

PS: Do check my page @ think I am not able to post properly, linking blog titles...

DJ said...

As good as it can be :)

Hope you are headed for New Delhi as well :)


Praveen said...

Yeah would have been if u had joined along. Your blogging is shaping up well :)

Thanks DJ:)

DarkCypher said...

hey Praveen how much did it cost to u for stay in HOTEL SAMUDRA at Puri beach?

Praveen said...

Costed me 650 Rs. per day after bargaining.