Friday, March 13, 2009

Day3 - Vijayvada to Vizag

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400 KMs

Started lazily to Vizag at 8.30. Was taking it real easy riding at around 90. The whole day was to be GQ riding. Took quite some to get to free roads as there was always some ppl on the road. People happyly use the opposite lans on GQ! they jay walk etc etc.

Just after taking the above picture i realized that i had left something very dear to me back in VV! after some thought din wanna risk getting it couriered. so i decided to go back 70 km to get it. That added 140 kms to the day's riding. But was worth the peace of mind further.

Finished the additional distance and then rode almost constantly stopping for odd pix. With songs going on throttle was constantly around 100 mark.

Long bridge on river bed which now looks like desert.

Unevent full cruising till nearing Vizag. But things got interesting then on. Concrete GQ!

Finally entered Vizag and was surprised by the developement of the city and infrastructure.

Not short of any metro in fact the place looked much bettor than bangalore. Wide open posh areas.

Finally hit the beach on the this amazing beach road. Just sat there for an hour observing the sunset on the east coast with sun away from the water.

Beach road is one awesome place. Vizag felt very exiting since did not expect development of this magnitude.

Now some searching for rooms. And hope one near the beach with my budget was fading. But the youth hostel watchman reffered me to an agent who found me one for 600 bux lill of the beach road. Fair enough i took it. Dumped the things in the room and rode to one of the restraunts on the beach for dinner overlooking the beach and later sat at the beach till i felt sleepy.

Was real tired by now and i have to get back. Plan to catch the sunrise the next day.


Prabul said...

And what was that "Dear" thing you left behind?

Kishore said...

// And what was that "Dear" thing you left behind?

Repeat... ;)

Satish said...

yes, what was that you ride 140 km extra...