Sunday, March 15, 2009

Day 6 - Aruku - Khatki falls - Bhuvaneshwar

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512 Kms

Today was supposed to be a long 500 kms run starting from aruku. Got up early and got moving by 7 am. On call the previous day Sunil had let me know of Khatki falls with some offroading. Wanted to make the day a lil more interesting so went for it. It was pretty chilly early in the morning. Unpacking any winter gear would be waste as i would be sweating territory in couple of hours. Never then less it was awesome ride in the twisties. Take the deviation to the Borra caves and sure enough found the deviation to the falls.

It almost immediately become offroad path. And continuously getting bad. Not that i have done offroading but the with the bike heavily loaded was not sure if it can take it or i can handle it. But wanted to go as far as i could. It was thought and scary with all the weight but some how din feel like turning back. With climbs up and down on loose gravel i managed to reach the end point. Only to find the last part is a trek of a km or so. Din really want to leave the bike alone there with the luggage. So decided to climb up till i could kee the bike in view. Climbed up to the railway track and find a very small water falls afar. Kinda disappointed but now had the bigger task of taking the bike down gravel paths. Got back on the saddle and telling myself go slow go slow. Especially while going down the weight was forcing the rear wheel to race ahead of front wheel. Had to be very very slow and finally made it back to the tarmac with a sigh relief. Good to know the the panniers held and i could maneuver the butt heavy bike.

Lot more awesome tight hill twisties in store. But it was time consuming and was almost 11 by the time i climbed down to the planes. To save some time i chose to go through ViZiyanagaram instead of Vizag. Which would save me 50 kms and traffic time. This gave chance to ride through AP villages. Hit the GQ by 12.30 and Had food at a hotel soon. Then on geared my self of the 90-100 continuous ride with music. The place was getting arrid. Some places it was just awesome to stop with miles visible on either side of the road.

But as i entered orissa the road was not done! had to the ride the next 100 kms in narrow 2 lanes with traffic and deviations from GQ stretches. It was real pain and was also taking lot of time. Rode on to cover as much as possible in day light. Caught glimse of chilika lake. Saw a deviation of saying some place Nirmal dhara of much spiritual significance 5 kms. Got curious and took it and pass a small town. To find it to be a temple. Well cant go in with all the gear and luggage and made run back to the highway.

After sometime the GQ was back to its glory and the road looked a bit old so assumed that no more construction work. Took a break for water and chocolates. Make a final run and reach Bhuvaneshwar by 7.15. Sunil was waiting to recieve me. Missed directions and over shot for some distance into the city. Rode back to meet Sunil who invited me to stay at his place. Thanks sunil for being the host. Dinner, Coffee and chat and ZZZZZzzzz.

My big room at Aruku.

Nice early morning ride.

Offroading to khatki falls begins.

Found the watch man missing as the first lot of tourists were not expected for an hour more.

This was the water fall i worked hard for

Yeah i expected more but was told to come in monsoon!

Looking at bike from above

Got to negotiate the steep climb. Does not look much in the pic.

Whats funny? my bike was the only vehicle waiting to go out!

Ride through AP villages

Back to GQ.

Some places were really nice to stop.

how can any one tobble a huge truck here? !!

This place was amazing with miles visible in all directions and was all quite.

Glimpse of chilika lake

Nirmal Dhara temple which i passed by hurriedly.


SKS said...

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Anonymous said...

I think the truck was counter streeing liuke PKM - nfs .

Praveen said...

SKS: No Thanks :P
nfs: Hehe too much :P

DJ said...

Sunil Who ?? Gupta Jii ??

This is getting better :)


Satish said...

"This place was amazing with miles visible in all directions and was all quite."

Place is my hometown.. The place is with out tree, bcoz of 1999 cyclone..