Monday, March 16, 2009

Day 7 - Around Bhuvaneshwar

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35 KMs

Today was meant for rest and checking out Bhuvaneshwar. Guess since i came from Vizag was expecting similar thing. Or may be i have not yet gone to the best areas of Bhuvaneshwar. Visited the famous Lingraj templ. None of my electronix were allowed inside. So i left all the stuff at a place and went in. Guess where? yeah i left my cam, laptop, phones in the temple's shoe stand :D Cos many ppl were doing the same. Got in and was awed by the imposing structure. Maintained pretty well the central tower was quite wide and tall. Got into the samctum sanctuary to find a big Shiv linga base with out the ling but a Hooded golden snake. Made my rounds around the temple got out and fair enough i got back all my belongings :)

Then rode across the city through the by-allies towards Khandagiri and Udaygiri caves. Not isolated but its a famous tourist spot and crowded. Went to Udaygiri first to check out he caves. Spent some time climbing up and down. Could see khandagiri acrosst he road and kinda too tired to do some more climbing. so after some time i headed back to room early.

Thought would rest some time get into the city again in the evening, but instead i was fighting with my misbehaving net connection at the room. It was like 8 when i was free so it was just dinner and nap. Off to Bhuvaneshwar tomm.

Sunil who was my host.

Lingaraj temple from outside

Just a little left to the frame of this picture there was a group of Europeans who had traditional bhramin attair and performing the rituals.

Miti and Tibi the trusted keepers of my electronix.

Udaygiri Caves

Khandagiri hill which i did not go.

Bhuvaneshwar from above

Permanent residents of Udaygiri caves.


Santosh said...

dabbas are holding up , good design may be ?

Nice pkm , going strong . ride safe with no counter steering :D .

Arun said...

Siliguri pics bekku..!
bega gaadi odisi!! :D

btw, ..the blog is loading pretty fast now!

Praveen said...

nfs: so far so good. actually since i am putting the cramster in am and most of the weight is taken by the saddle bag on the seat the boxes are not strained. Lets see how long it lasts.

Arun: Siliguri swalpa time ide saar :D Its loading fast for me also with the dial up connection that i have :D

Srinidhi said...

lo what is that number 25 on your bike man...and what the total distance you have covered till now?

Praveen said...

Remote hope is to cover 25 states. lets see how it goes. the Trip meter is close to 2.7k

Ashvin said...

25 statesa. yen thinkingo yen plano.. maja burly..

DJ said...

Ok.. My question got answered which I posted in the last day's log. Now i can see Sunil :D

Great ride Pokemo..