Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Day 9 - Chilika Lake and Konark

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Woke up again eary to can the sunrise. was waiting for the sun from 5.45 am sitting facing the see. Looked like i might miss the sunrise as there was coulds on the horizon. After some time i see that the sun had sneaked up on my left while i was expecting it straight up the sea! any way clouds were clear much above the horizon and tried my hand at a few sunrise shots.

Monring session of the day was supposed to be to Chilika lake. Leave bit late at 9.30 am after fighting with my Tata indicom net connection *&^$#%. When i inquired for satapad i got directions for 'Sattopodo'. Passed through many villages and road was always full of activity. It clears up as i ride along the shore of Chilika lake. Ride at a quick pace and get to Satapada island by 10.40. Get into Yatri Nivas and enquired for boating. Since i was alone it was going to be an expensive affair of 450 Rs for an hour's boat ride. The price being dolphin sighting. They soon summoned friendly Ganesh the boat man for the sail. Kinda apprehensive about going alone but gave it a try. It was just 1 passenger meant for 6 ppl. set sail on my private boat. The motor puttering real loud like hell. Slowly reach the area where dolphins swim around ans sure enough i spot quite a few. The are too quick in dipping back before i take pix. Managed only a couple of shots. The Motor boats scare them away. No sooner one shows up the surrounding motor boats ferrying tourists chase it. Finally my boat man parks the boat one place with motor off and we were patient. Now could see some dolphins closer than before. Exited to see wild dolphins. :) It was time to go but not before checking out some supposed to be real pearls. The boatman broke open a white and black oyster shell to reveal the pearls. They were not in spherical shape hence i guess not much value outside and they might have just opened and closed the clam shells. None the less bought them a suvaneers. Time to head back. Once away from the lake winds it got real hot and humid. Ride back in good time back to the hotel.

Take a dip in the beach near the hotel, have lunch and leave of konark pretty late like 4.30. Not doing my home work i was under the impression that it was just another big temple and will not require much time but big mistake. The ride to the Konark was awesome passing trough forest and much distance going along the shore and the timing as well was great. Get to konark and the first look at the Monument i was spell bound. Took the ticket in a hurry and just knew that i was lil late as one could spend lot of time here. As i got nearer can all but marvel at the magnificence of the Sun Chariot. Walk around jaw dropped and clicking away. You could say that kinda i felt the power of the place. Man it was huge. Took almost an hour just walk around the temple admiring it. Quite some detailed carvings and some of explicit ones as well. It was sun down before i realized. Now they had lights focusing on the temple and it was looking great as well. took some night shots. And though i din feel like leaving left for Puri as it was dark and i had to pass through a forest reserve.

Again went to puri beach and just lied down on the sand looking at the stars. Though not as hifi as Vizag beach this beach had certain charm. Quite some sand bank slanting away from road to the sea, full of puri visitors spending their evening there. The weather was perfect as well. Din feel like leaving that place. Really enjoyed my stay at puri.

Midnight view from the room

Morning sunrise session.

Enroute Chilika lake

Yeah i am going in that scary looking boat!

Ganesh the boat man

The vast expance of the lake.

These birds were flying very fast to the left and right of the boat trying to catch the fish disturbed by the boats propeller. Very had to capture even in sports mode.

Finally Dolphins are spotted. Clicked 10s of times to get a couple of ok shots.

This is how u load a boat!

More Dolphins. They were quite generous to appear tough a bit far. Once they dive in have to hold the cam pointed to the approximate space where they come out to take the next breath.

Hehe me.

And the supposed to be fresh Pearls. First the white pearl broken right in front of my eyes.

And then the Black pearl!

Bike posing at the jetti after the boat ride...

me at it now...

some birds on the way back...

On the way to konark through forest reserve.

riding along the beach...

Konark light house.

Finally the sun temple

The huge monument.

Sun caged. The scaffolding supports the delicate temple structure.

Over heard a guide saying this as child marriage procession. Since the child is still a baby, the mother is accompanying in the doli.

Lion dominating over elephant.

Evening the lights make the temple look even more awesom.


DJ said...

Beautiful Konark. Thanks for sharing pokemo. :)


Arijit_09 said...

If you are so much liked konarok, then you must visit Khajuraho @ Madhya Pradesh...I bet 'you loved it.

Reading your touring beautifull & excited too.