Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Day1 - Bangalore Vijayvada

Finally after a few Monday Friday Monday Friday postpone ment i started on the trip. Was a one day run to VijayVada to stay at my friend's place.

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672 KMs

The trip suggested and encouraged by a friend and support from friends started on this long trip with out any time restrictions. Even earned dad's approval after quite some discussion. Lot of thought as in why should i do this. But one question to myself was sufficient. At this point in life if not this then what else? I had no answer so went ahead with preparations and also the trip. Vicky gave lot of ideas for preparations realizing my cluelessness.

When things become overwhelming i act mechanically which helped me get started. Panniers were made things were packed. Test loaded the bike just the previous day. Come morning of March 9th woke up took a small walk with Dad and time to get moving.

Loaded all the things on the bike and when got the bike off the stand realized the bike had become a monster. Kinda hit me how to handle this bike! Hoping that i could manage Bid farewell to Dad

and went to meet vicky who came to see me off.

and me now posing..

Had breakfast and was on my way. Big mistake of going through the center of the city with loaded bike in that touch and go traffic. After agonizing one hour was out of city. In a way it helped me get used to the weight. Stopped after Kolar after 3 hours of leaving home.

Then on with highways upped my pace. Knew that it going to be late to reach Vijayvada in the evening. Roads were nice all through.

Had lunch just before thirupathy at a high way hotel by 2pm.

Now i see that my bike catching lot of attention and has even become a posing prop! Cos some guy asked me and sat on the bike to get his picture!

since the bike has become very heavy have to be careful while putting on side stand else it will tip over!

After lunch was pretty much on the move. Was enjoying the cloudy weather all through and happy to avoid the sun.

But now its time for rain! Now who would have tought of that! all the rain gear was inside and ran to what looked like a hotel. The guy told me to get inside in shelter. But it was a bar full with people staring at me and sharing a laugh at my expense. I thought its bettor to get wet and scuttled out of there. Found refuge at a tea shop. Looked more cloudy in the direction i have headed. Was too lazy to pull out the rain gear which stuffed in. So was ready to get drenched and started. Rain let of soon.

Hit the GQ by 5 pm. Enter the draGQn!
350 kms more to go. One beautiful road and maintained 90kmph avg for 1.5hours before stopping for a break. By now was getting sleepy already still a long way to go. Thought would enjoy the night ride but now it was intermittently drisling and lot of people on the road and opposing traffic. The GQ no more comfortable and was struggling 150 kms. Finally made it to Vijayvada by 10.30 pm and settled in my friend Prakash's parents home. Was real tired and the next was meant for relaxing.


Srinidhi said...

Great going pokeemo....carry on and good luck...I am still waiting for my bike....hopefully will get it in a day or two :(

Praveen said...

Thanks man. Hope up get ur bike soon and catch up with me :P

Arun said...

now i can comment here.. :)
Best of luck..and keep it going!

Praveen said...

Thanks Arun. Need lots of it :)

DJ said...

Started reading it.. Loving it :)


Vmax said...

Very Nice BRo....

please update daily......

Nitin Kidiyoor said...

Good Praveen.. Nice to see you back on your bike..

Nitin Kidiyoor said...

nice to see you back on ur bike..

Team INDIA said...

Never read any blog with such interest before....Great pictures...

Soumya Mondal said...

great going praveen :)

Praveen said...

Thanks Soumya :)

Satish said...

I saw the blog late but will finish your journey. I found it very interesting.